Initial Consultation

You will meet with George Rose for the initial consultation in order to discuss your kitchen vision. George will then advise on the various options available to you depending on your particular needs. Recommendations regarding changes to the layout, including possible changes to architectural drawings to optimise the potential of your kitchen, dining and open plan living space will be offered for your consideration.

Free Kitchen Design

Following the initial consultation, we will give an approximation of costs. If instructed, we will begin the design process, with a view to producing photographic quality perspectives of your design concept as it will be on completion.

Second Consultation

Having prepared photographic quality perspectives, this second consultation will enable us to present and discuss all aspects of your design. Trusting that we have fulfilled your brief and met with your expectations, we will ask for your business and a reasonable non-refundable deposit. If we are in agreement, we will discuss payment, delivery and installation schedules. On receipt of your deposit our team will then prepare the annotated and dimensioned floor plans and elevations with which to furnish your building contractor enabling him to proceed with first fix plumbing and electrics

Site Survey

A site survey will be carried out in conjunction with your building contractor following the installation of first fix plumbing and electrics. This should ensure the preparatory works necessary for the accurate installation of your kitchen have been carried out according to the working drawings, which may highlight any amendments required.


Following delivery of your kitchen furniture, an experienced fitter will install your kitchen, whilst your building contractor, will final fix, test and certify the electrical and plumbing installations, following the installation of the worksurfaces. Template of the worksurface will usually take place on day 3 or 4 of the kitchen schedule, usually returning within 7-10 days to install your worksurfaces. The kitchen fitter will then make any final adjustments if necessary.