In March 2012 we met with our architect with a view to creating a large open plan living space to encompass kitchen, pantry, utility and family living space as we had a lovely characterful 1906 Edwardian house that required modernising as it had become quite boxy and needed opening up to more vibrant modern day living. Once we had the initial plans it was our intention to ensure that the kitchen was the heartbeat of that space.

In the summer we visited the Home Build & Renovation exhibition with a view to getting ideas for our whole project including fixtures and fittings, building ideas energy saving etc.  It was here that we first came across George Rose and Kitchens By George Rose.  We were impressed with the kitchen on display but most of all his passion and enthusiasm for his work.  We agreed to an initial meeting in early autumn.  During this time we did approach other companies to see what they had to offer and what ideas they could come up with as well as comparing costs.

At our initial meeting we looked at our proposed plans provided by our architect and what George felt could be achieved, not just by his design, but the project as a whole and how we wanted to live and use the open plan space.  It was our initial intention to build an orangery but George felt that another option was instead to have a pitched roof with large velux windows which would create the same open light space opening out to the garden and more crucially give us a large cost saving on the project that would allow us to spend elsewhere and thus get the wow factor that we were after.  He also suggested other subtle changes to the whole layout of the open plan space which were intuitive and made absolute common sense.

At this stage we had not discussed budgets but fully expected that due to the quality and possible design it may be difficult to afford.  He gave us an estimate of what he thought the kitchen area would cost in relation to the specification that we had chosen which seemed very reasonable.  At this point we also asked him to look at the pantry, utility and family living area to see what designs he could come up with.  It was agreed we would meet again in 4 weeks time to review the designs.  Post meeting we were still a little undecided about losing the orangery and some of the other changes.

The day arrived to review the design and it has to be said that he did not disappoint.  It looked absolutely stunning! He had listened to what we wanted and encompassed everything and true to his word the pitched roof that he suggested to replace the orangery looked fabulous and still brought the garden into the house.  It looked like something out of Grand Designs, it was exactly what we were looking for as each area in the open plan space just seemed to complement each other and flowed seamlessly together.  Needless to say we were more than happy with what we had seen.  There was an area that we did not like and we wanted to put our own stamp on it so to speak.  George was very relaxed about this and did not try to exert any pressure to go with his design.  From what we saved on the orangery we were able to get everything we wanted from the open plan floor space so George ended up designing the utility, pantry and living space.

As we got into the project things went very well with George and his staff keeping contact at all times and letting us know what was due to happen.  Like all large projects that involve so many trades things do come up that perhaps are unforeseen.  We did have some design issues that had been impacted within the building stage but George rectified these diligently and to our satisfaction very quickly even where there were added costs to himself that he did not pass on to us as clients.

The day came for everything to be installed. The kitchen fitters were very professional and nothing was any trouble for them.  They turned up on time and kept in contact if they were going to be late.  We did have an issue with the supply of a downdraft extractor that was out of Georges control but as ever he tried his utmost to resolve the issue and to his credit we did finally get this sorted out which included getting the kitchen fitters out again to fit the part at no additional cost.

On final completion of the project we can now look back and say we have a stunning open plan living space that is all to Georges credit.  We had looked at other companies but they just did not come close with regards to design ideas not just for the kitchen area but the whole project. His input was invaluable to providing us with a wow factor.

In summary if you want someone to take your ideas and wishes for how you want to live, to create an ambient living environment then I suggest you look no further.  He will create your dreams but at all times have your wishes and thoughts at the centre of his attention.

- Rod & Jo from Berkshire.

"I've been in the building trade for over 30 years but when it was time for our new kitchen there was only one real option, George Rose"

- Paul from Essex.

"We had lots of designers look at our kitchen, but their designs were uninspiring and unimaginative". "Most wanted to replace like for like which I felt was inadequate". "Eventually thanks to a recommendation from our builder we were put in touch with George Rose who helped us create our dream kitchen and dining area."

- Marion From Hertfordshire.


We first met George when he was exhibiting at the Grand Designs show at the Excel arena. We had looked around stands of other, major, kitchen suppliers and then, by chance, we came across Kitchens by George Rose.

Although relatively small, the Stand had a good display and overall we were impressed with the product and also with the friendly professionalism of George himself. We agreed on an initial meeting for a few weeks later.

In the meantime we also approached two other companies, one a leading retailer and the other a local kitchen supplier and fitter and gave them an identical brief to the one we initially gave George.

At our initial meeting with George we discussed our proposed layout and our outline budget for the work. He gave us some alternative ideas for the layout and an estimate of what he thought the kitchen would cost, taking into account appliances, fitting and total building works.

When George came back to us with his proposal we were thrilled. He had created a breakfast bar in a completely different, but much more sensible, location to the one we had suggested and had managed to give us more storage than we thought possible. He was also very mindful of our overall budget and worked very closely with us to prioritise specifications of individual appliances to get the most value for money.

This approach was in total contrast to our other two contacts who literally took our own thoughts and put them to paper!

George’s attention to detail meant that when the work commenced everything went according to plan, with furniture, appliances and even builders turning up on the exact day we expected them.  There were inevitably one or two minor issues that needed further discussion along the way and George’s assistants were always there to help or to refer our questions to George if necessary.

The builder, Jim, and his team were fantastic, with a real can-do attitude. The quality of workmanship was terrific and they completed all the alterations and kitchen installation within 4 weeks – exactly to time and to budget.

Our new kitchen now looks amazing. Without fail our friends and relatives, on first sight, deliver a ‘Wow’ and we smile every time we walk into the room.

Overall this was a pleasurable, stress-free experience, (which George promised it would be) which we would happily undertake again in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending to our friends,

Mick and Jackie (Surrey)

"The look is cool, contemporary and crisp just as I described in my brief to George Rose."

- George from Hertfordshire.

After waiting 10 years to update our 1940’s house we decided to completely renovate the entire building and knock down most of the walls on the ground floor to make way for a very large, living, dining and kitchen area. We were extremely aware that as the ground floor was going to be open plan we couldn’t just pick any old kitchen company and that the quality of materials and building would have to be extremely high.  We looked at a couple of kitchen companies and had chosen to move forward with one in particular, although there was nothing impressive about them to be honest.

In the Summer of 2012 we visited the Ideal Home exhibition to look for inspiration having already chosen our kitchen company. It was there that we saw the ‘Kitchens by George Rose’ stand and went to have a look as the kitchen stand was beautiful. George’s enthusiasm and honesty was so refreshing, we asked him to come and give us a quote for our kitchen. We had a very tight budget and made this clear to George, but he offered to visit us anyway even though we felt he might be out of our price range.

George was wonderful, he measured up, gave us advice, and even changed many of our initial layout ideas as his experience meant that he could advise on the practicalities of using a kitchen. This was so refreshing, everyone else we had seen just said yes and didn’t question if it was practical or expensive. George offered us options and alternatives, which not only looked great and worked well but saved us money too!

George was always available to us throughout the project as were his team. Professional and courteous to the last, every part of the project was dealt with quickly and thoughtfully. When we did have problems (as there always are with a big project), they were dealt with quickly and efficiently and George ensured that we stayed within budget. We were always impressed at the speed and quality of the team’s problem solving.

The fitters were just as professional and polite. They worked quickly and diligently and were perfectionists to the last. The fitting of a kitchen is a really stressful time, but the team worked so well together that it was actually enjoyable.

On final completion of our project we are so glad we picked ‘Kitchens by George Rose’ to design and install our kitchen. Our kitchen is a pleasure to work in as it was designed with our needs in mind. It’s lovely to look at as George was careful to ensure it didn’t overtake the space on the ground floor. The fact that we stayed within budget was no small miracle but thanks to George’s meticulous eye for detail and trouble shooting skills.

A pleasure from beginning to end, ‘Kitchens by George Rose’ is a company we would be more than happy to recommend to anyone who asked. George’s enthusiasm and professionalism really does make his company stand out from the crowd and his prices are realistic and reasonable. A winning combination for sure.

Mr & Mrs Michael. (London)


We just wanted to thank you for your work on installing our beautiful new kitchen.

As you can imagine its stunning looks garner many a compliment.  The bespoke furniture both in the kitchen and the tv area work so well and the whole thing works beautifully.

Thanks again for both your and Janes help and advice during the process.

Mr & Mrs Lyne. (Essex)


We just wanted to drop you a line as its been a whole year since our dream kitchen was installed and to say how pleased we are with everything.  Even after it has been in use for a year there is nothing we wished we had done differently!  You know when you have a major turnaround and many decisions to make sometimes theres always that niggle in your mind like ‘in hindsight i wish we had put this there or that over there’ but i stand and cook and can honestly say I would never change a thing!  Everything works perfect where it's positioned, sometimes on a sunday I have both ovens going, the microwave, hob and fan all running together and crowd of people, but it all works amazingly well, especially as everything is situated around the island, which personally i didnt ever expect you to get that in and be big enough for 4 stools!. Steve was great to work with his structural designs and I have to say I absolutely loved Jim the fitter, what a really nice guy. I wasnt pressured to make endless cups of teas all day, i just left them to it and continued to work in the office, if they needed me they came and found me. Also, you and your wife were so lovely, welcoming us into your home and office, the whole process was very relaxed and personal, so much nicer than buying from a shop. 

So theres me saying my piece, I just felt I had to let you know, thank you, thank you, sooooo glad we decided to go to the Grand Designs Show that year.

Mr & Mrs Naylor. (Gravesend)


On one of our visits to a home show we saw a beautifaul kitchen designed by George Rose. 

Having previously carried out extensions and full DIY projects in our houses we had the opportunity to do a new build.  So instead of our usual DIY we took the decision to see the difference in having a design and fitting service.  The comparison has been second to none!  The service from the whole team was excellent, taking charge of design, quality control and advice on appliances.

George took the time to listen to what we were looking for and certainly delivered.  He has great passion for his work, attention to detail, and installs confidence in any changes he suggests, which were well worth taking up.
Once the design was agreed the dates were booked for the delivery and then the fitting.  Everything ran to schedule, all the fitters were extremely proffessional, plesant and worked to a very high standard.

All in all it was a choice well made and we have a lovely quality kitchen which is admired by anyone who comes into our home.  It is the centrepiece of our house and we would recommend George Rose without hesitation.

Nina & John 
(Little Kimble, Bucks)